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  • لقد تطلب الأمر الكثير من التعاون مع شركائنا للتأكد من أن خيارات الاستضافة الخاصة بهم تفي بجميع معايير WordPress فور إخراجها من الصندوق. مع الاستضافة ، لن تواجه أي متاعب في الاستضافة.
  • يتم دعم كل من شركائنا في الاستضافة من قبل فريق من خبراء WordPress يتمتعون بسنوات من الخبرة. لهذا السبب ، فهي مناسبة بشكل خاص لمساعدتك في جميع متطلبات استضافة WordPress الخاصة بك.

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هذه الحزم المعروضة في هذا المنتج هي حزم استضافة في خوادمنا على شركات استشافة قمنا بعقد شراكة معها. عند حجزك لهذه الخدمة فانت تكون المسؤول الاول و الاخير عن موقعك بعد رفعه في هذه الخوادم.


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Concerning this service

Web Hosting

Save time by skipping the setup and activation steps! The wordpress theme is pre-installed and activated instantly when you purchase Hosting from one of our partners.

Perfect Compatibility may be found here.

It took a lot of collaboration with our partners to ensure that their hosting options met all of the wordpress criteria right out of the box. With Hosting, you won’t have any hosting headaches.

Support that is second to none

Each of our hosting partners is backed by a team of WordPress experts with years of experience. Because of this, they are particularly suited to assist you with all of your WordPress hosting requirements.

speed that is unbelievably fast.

Hosting is supported by lightning-fast networks, cutting-edge hosting infrastructure, and the most up-to-date server software. In addition, you will benefit from automatic caching and a free CDN.

Backups are performed on a regular basis.

Backups are essential for any website! The backups are performed automatically by each of our hosting providers on a daily basis. If calamity hits, you may rest assured that these hosting businesses will be there for you.

Site migration is provided at no cost.

Do you already have a website that is hosted elsewhere? All of our hosting partners offer free migration assistance to their customers. It is simple to make the switch to Hosting.

Sites for rehearsal

Automatic staging sites make it simple to build new designs for your clients without interfering with other visitors’ experiences. Finish your work and publish it all at the same time.

A Concentration on Security

All of our hosting providers are committed to providing a secure environment. For example, secure hosting methods and up-to-date server software are required.

Tools for the Agency

If you are a web design agency with collaboration requirements, you will feel right at home on any of our hosting plans and servers.


What exactly is hosting?

WordPress hosting that includes automatic installation and customized server configuration where applicable, as well as other features. All of our hosting partners have either optimized their regular hosting environments or tailored their hosting packages to match all of our needs. We thank all of our hosting partners for their efforts. Your website is hosted and supported by top WordPress hosting that we know and trust, and with whom we have had a positive personal experience as well. That is one of the reasons why we chose to work with them! We participated in the development of Host so that we could have something that we are confident will work well right out of the box.

What are the benefits of hosting?

We’ve done all of the legwork for you and found the best and quickest WordPress hosting providers available. Following that, we collaborated with them to customize their hosting packages to meet their specific needs. Finally, we collaborated to make it possible for automatic installation and license activation to take place. In other words, hosting is faster, works better with WordPress, and is less difficult to get started with than traditional WordPress hosting. In the case of users, it’s an obvious choice.

What software is pre-installed on my website when I purchase hosting?

When you use hosting to create a new website, you will be met with a fully-functional WordPress website that has been pre-installed and set up with your license key. There is no need for any installation or initial setup. You are free to jump right in and start building!

Is it possible for Scholweb to host my website?

In this case, your website will be hosted and serviced by one of our hosting partners. We’ve selected the best WordPress hosts available so that you may have a fast and functional website. We’ve also worked with each host to assure compatibility and automated installation.

I have a question about my hosting and would like to speak with someone about it

Our hosting partners are responsible for all customer service. There is no doubt that they provide some of the best WordPress hosting support available, and we are convinced that you will be satisfied with their service.

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